SHAMA Herbal Zafran Henna for Beautiful, Silky and Burgundy Hair Mehandi, 150gms- (Brand Outlet)

Alcohol Free, Undiluted
SHAMA BROTHERS & PERFUMERS A Perfumed History for Shama The history of Perfumes begins in the classic period of the "Mughal Empire"-or, more precisely, during the reign of "Shahjehan". It was a time of extravagance, marked by grand durbars, sumptuous feasts, architectural masterpieces and exquisite paintings. The Empire was in cultural overdrive, and Mughal royalty was its prime mover, pulling out the stops to serve its passion for self-indulgence. Among its myriad obsessions, attar enjoyed a special place. This uniquely Indian perfume, distilled and concocted by master perfumers, came in a range of scents to suit every occasion and mood. It could be worn in the boudoir or the banquet hall, by courtiers or courtesans.It could enliven an ordinary day, or make a night enchanting. Not surprisingly, it proved irresistible to the sybarites of the day, including the Emperor and his celebrated wife, the Empress Mumtaz Begum. The first sign of high stress is premature graying and hair fall.Preventing your worst fears from coming true is the safron heena . A blend of pure safron,heena leaf,margosa,ooudh.Traditionally heena was considered the herb of divine grace,the symbol of passion and love,Harbinger of wealth and prosperity. It was off unhealthy influences.safron heena is a secret traditionql recipte that gives shine and lustre to hair, darkeness hair color and promotes groeth.A pure hair treatment containing heena leaves along with coffee powder,green tea extract,laal chanoti,lemon grass enriches with natural protiens and vitamins cand e .This combination has been traditionally used to give lustre and body to hair , in addition to preventing hair loss and giving it a healthy look.
Height630 mm
Length512 mm
Width79 mm
Weight33 g
Legal DisclaimerFor external use only. Do not use if you have allergy to fragances. Supervision by parents is needed to be used on children. Not for medical use.
Number Of Items1
Package Quantity1
Part NumberZafranHeenaHair
Product GroupBeauty
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