24 HRS (Deluxe)

Tracks Listing
1. You Don't Know Love
2. Years & Years
3. Grow Up
4. Unpredictable
5. Back Around
6. Deeper
7. 24 Hrs
8. Private
9. Love You More
10. Read My Mind
11. Better Than Me
12. Flaws

General information

  • The artist associated with 24 HRS (Deluxe) is Olly Murs.
  • The EAN for 24 HRS (Deluxe) is 0889853472321. European Article Number, which is a number that uniquely identifies an item.
  • The format for 24 HRS (Deluxe) is CD.
  • The genre for 24 HRS (Deluxe) is Pop. Specifies the genre, such as romance, of a digital item.
  • The height for 24 HRS (Deluxe) is 43 mm.
  • The length for 24 HRS (Deluxe) is 594 mm.
  • The width for 24 HRS (Deluxe) is 504 mm.
  • The language for 24 HRS (Deluxe) is English.
  • The MPN (Manufacturer's part number) for 24 HRS (Deluxe) is 0889853472321.
  • 24 HRS (Deluxe) is a Audio CD.
  • The Number of discs for 24 HRS (Deluxe) is 1.
  • The number of items for 24 HRS (Deluxe) is 1.
  • The quantity for 24 HRS (Deluxe) in a package is 1.
  • The part number for 24 HRS (Deluxe) is 0889853472321.
  • 24 HRS (Deluxe) is grouped in Music group of products.
  • The publication date for 24 HRS (Deluxe) is 2017-01-10.
  • The manufacturer for 24 HRS (Deluxe) is Sony Music.
  • The release date for 24 HRS (Deluxe) is 2017-01-10.
  • The producer for 24 HRS (Deluxe) is Sony Music.
  • The UPC for 24 HRS (Deluxe) is 889853472321.
  • The sales rank for 24 HRS (Deluxe) is 13766.

ArtistOlly Murs
BindingAudio CD
Height43 mm
Length594 mm
Width504 mm
Language TypeOriginal Language
Number Of Discs1
Number Of Items1
Package Quantity1
Part Number0889853472321
Product GroupMusic
Publication Date2017-01-10
PublisherSony Music
Release Date2017-01-10
StudioSony Music
Sales Rank13766
Product Details ▾
List Price: INR 659.00
INR 510.00 @ Amazon
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