Delhitraderss -Crystal Blue 5 Meter Interior Car Styling light For - Volkswagen Polo

Soft light does not hurt the eyes
Features: Soft light does not hurt the eyes, Security waterproof no radiation, Electric power consumption less environmentally friendly, Length can be easily cut to install nimble, easy Cold light drive there are several advantages: (1) energy. Its low power consumption, so that the total input power light line down, there is a better energy-saving effect. (2) eliminating flicker, shine more stable. Help to improve visual resolution, to improve the effectiveness; continuous operation reduces visual fatigue, help protect eyesight. (3) the starting point is more reliable. A starting point for success. (4) stable input power and output luminous flux: high-quality products with good regulation performance, power, voltage deviation is large, can still maintain a constant power source, stable light intensity, is conducive to energy conservation. (5) to extend lamp life line. High quality products, constant power and light line current drops, as well as a reliable starting point and other factors can extend the life of light line. Warm White=Orange Crystal Blue=Transparent Blue Note: We send the drive to you with Cigarette lighter pulg (Working through the cigarette lighter), If you want to connect to the car interior Arbitrarily, you can cut the tail of Cigarette lighter so that line Interface can connect the 12V ,But you should know Automotive interior wire,
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