LEGO Ninjago 70737 Titan Mech Battle Building Kit

Product Type: Building Sets
Take on the mighty Mech-enstein with Zane's Titan Mech! It's Zane's Titan Mech versus the 4-armed Mech-enstein in the ultimate Mech Battle, with Samurai X cave, hook shooter and more. Get set for the ultimate Mech Battle as Zane's Titan Mech takes on Blade Master Bansha's Ghost mech - Mech-enstein! Place Zane in the cockpit and adjust the arms and legs and rotating torso for awesome battle poses. Fire the stud shooters and dodge the massive swords of the 4-armed Mech-enstein. Then take the action to the air with the rocket-booster backpack! Give Zane support with Jay and Nya, firing the spring-loaded hook shooter to try and topple the Ghost mech. Use all the cool Ninja weapons to stop Scythe Master Ghoultar getting into the Samurai X Cave and stealing the Aeroblade! Includes 5 minifigures with assorted weapon and accessory elements: Zane, Jay, Nya, Scythe Master Ghoultar and Blade Master Bansha. Zane's Titan Mech features an opening cockpit, posable arms with titanium-style swords, posable legs and feet, rotating torso, rotating shoulder blades, rocket-booster backpack and 2 stud shooters. Mech-enstein features an opening head/cockpit, adjustable shoulder armor, adjustable Ghost bones to hold a minifigure, 4 posable arms with huge Ghost swords, rotating torso, posable legs and feet, dual jet booster pack and translucent details. The Samurai X Cave features a spring-loaded hook shooter with a hook on a string and assorted elements: the Aeroblade, tools, computer and a storage barrel. Also includes a Skreemer (attachable to minifigures) with 2 Ghost Katana weapon elements. Weapon elements include Zane's 2 golden shurikens and Aeroblade, Jay's Deepstone Nunchuk, Nya's 2 Katanas, Wrayth's Scythe Ghost Master Blade and Bansha's Ghost Master Blade. Accessory elements include Deepstone armor for Zane and Jay and Nya's Samurai X outfit.
Height240 mm
Length1890 mm
Width1110 mm
Weight280 g
Item Part Number6099842
Minimum Age3 months
Maximum Age60 months
Package Quantity1
Part Number6099842
Product GroupToy
Sales Rank23755
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List Price: INR 5,499.00
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