Starting a New Garden (VOL. 2): How to Plant Seeds and Seedlings, Care for Your Plants, and Grow 12 Simple Vegetables, Plus Shade Gardening (Growing Organic Vegetables at Home)

Recommended for First-Time Gardeners!
VOLUME 1 of this book focused on creating the framework for your garden. Armed with the information in Chapter 1-14, I hope that you were able to go out and turn your lawn, yard, or patio into a garden bed, raised bed, or container garden. Now the hard part is finished and you can move onto the more enjoyable part: growing the plants!

This book, VOLUME 2 of the series, covers all aspects of growing vegetables. From planting seeds to harvesting and storing vegetables, this book includes all aspects of growing your own organic garden at home. You will learn how to grow vegetables from seeds or seedlings, starting them indoors or planting them directly in the garden. You will learn simple, organic methods for feeding and nourishing your plants. You will learn the best ways to fend off plant diseases, combat pests, and prevent weeds. And you will learn how to harvest, store, and preserve your vegetables for food during the colder months of the year.

At the heart of this book is a very important section called 12 Simple Vegetables You Can Grow at Home. This material is designed for beginning or novice gardeners who want to grow a good variety of fresh food, but prefer to stick with the simplest-to-grow varieties for now. From planting specifics to care instructions to which varieties grow well in container gardens, this section will give you the knowledge you need to succeed.

Imagine a big basket full of the ripest, juiciest, and most flavorful sugary tomatoes.
You can cut them up in a salad with crisp slices of cucumber that are naturally sweeter and tenderer than anything you've ever tasted. Your potatoes will fill a large box will your root cellar, garage, or kitchen, giving you a full flavor and creamy texture that makes you wonder how you ever accepted those bland, store-bought spuds.

Fresh broccoli, sweet corn, peppers of all kinds, parsley, cabbage, and carrots packed with flavorful aroma and nutrition...even kids will love eating your homegrown organic vegetables.

Once you taste your own homegrown produce and notice how much money it saves on your food bills, you will realize it was worth a couple of weekends to get this garden going. Starting a new garden is the best thing you can do for your family's health, your pocketbook, and your sense of place in the world.

You are about to learn how to minimize your time commitment to a few hours each spring and summer. Get ready for some big harvests of your own organic vegetables. Starting your new garden may be the best investment you've ever made.

Finally, for those of you who struggle with a lack of sunlight, there is an additional section on how to grow vegetables in the shade. Many urban and suburban gardeners have only one possible space to grow a garden and it's shaded by a tree, a building, or some other obstruction. If you have less than ideal light conditions, you will learn which vegetables are most likely to succeed.

Contents Include:

Chapter 15: Now Comes the Fun Part
Chapter 16: Everything You Need to Know About Seeds
Chapter 17: Starting Plants Early Indoors
Chapter 18: 12 Simple Vegetables You Can Grow at Home
*Spinach/Swiss Chard
*Squash and Pumpkins

Chapter 19: The Secret of Mulching
Chapter 20: Stakes, Cages, Trellises, and Plant Supports
Chapter 21: Organic Methods of Combating Weeds, Pests, and Diseases
Chapter 22: Extending Your Season Into the Fall and Winter
Chapter 23: Preserving the Harvest
Chapter 24: Becoming a Green Thumb
BONUS Chapter: Growing Vegetables in Shady Spots
This book will show you how simple it can be, even for a busy person, to start a new garden. In fact, this two-book series is designed specifically for busy people who want to garden while saving time and energy.

Get started today!
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Publication Date2013-05-29
Release Date2013-05-29
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