Pigeon 700ml Liquid Cleanser, Refill

Kills 99.99 percent bacteria

A marvellous new offering from Pigeon, this liquid cleanser is your very own personal miracle. Modern parents always attempt to be ahead of any possible harmful detriment for their cherished offspring. Prevention is always better than cure and your baby’s health is never something you can compromise with. This fabulous product will ensure that the standard of your child’s hygienic needs never falters.


This miracle cleanser is meticulously constructed from edible carbohydrate derivatives to ensure no harmful chemicals ever enter your growing child’s system. The anti-bacterial solvent can be used to cleanse the whole spectrum of articles that has a remote chance of gaining access to the growing child’s metabolic system like his pacifier, toys, nipples and even fruits and vegetables. With the silent assurance that you kill 99.99 percent of all bacteria in every case, this miraculous cleanser is 100 percent bio-degradable and painstakingly created from food grade material.

Remember that just washing bottles and spoons with water alone is never enough to curb all bacterial infections. Besides germs there will always be some residual fats and proteins, which can cause accumulation of dirt. The Pigeon cleanser for baby accessories, is a way stronger than your run of the mill detergent commonly found in every household. Not only for infants, this product is also important for the prenatal care of the expecting mother. A multipurpose cleanser that is easy on the user’s skin, make sure to put the Pigeon cleanser refill pack in the optimally designed Pigeon cleanser bottle for ease of use and portability.

BindingBaby Product
Height531 mm
Length1098 mm
Width209 mm
Weight170 g
Legal DisclaimerNA
Minimum Age0 months
Maximum Age24 months
Package Quantity1
Part Number12969
Product GroupBaby Product
Sales Rank116
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List Price: INR 799.00
INR 559.00 @ Amazon
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